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The problems and fixes of Lenovo Mobiles

Lenovo is an international technology company which is founded in 1984. It obtained IBM’s  PC business. Lenovo entered the Windows and Android Tablet market in 2011. Lenovo began to start selling android smartphones in 2012. It obtained Motorola Mobility from the google in 2014.

Lenovo makes many commercial products but the mobile or Laptops are the best products of Lenovo. Lenovo launched the various Android versions with Lenovo Mobiles.

In this article, I want to tell about the problems of Lenovo Mobiles and their fixes. In this condition, they will follow these steps after that the problem will solve. 

Problems of Lenovo Mobiles- These are the following problems and fixes of Lenovo mobiles which are facing the Lenovo users many times.

1.    Smaller caller image- In this condition, the users will go to the dialer . Then they will tap on three dots. After that, they will go to call settings then click Full-screen caller photo.

2.    Theme centre detected as harmful-  Disable the app then go to settings/apps/tap on three dots/ show system/ search for theme centre/disable. Then the user should enable this option to change the wallpaper.

3.    Network Drop on both sims for Jio users- Disable Volte and use Jio 4G voice app.

4.    Taking too long to charge- When the users will face this type of problem. In this condition, they will change their data cables.

5.    Cannot change wallpaper- Enable theme centre: Go to settings/apps/tap on three dots/show system/ search for theme centre/ enable.

6.    Wifi Consuming more battery even when it is turned off?- Go to settings/Location/ tap on the three dots/ scanning/ Turn off WLAN and after that, the Bluetooth will be scanning.

7.    HD calling notification- Disable volte; Go to settings/more or data/Disable enhanced LTE calling.

8.    No photos selected message is coming on the lock screen while charging- Go to settings/Display/Daydream Off.

9.    Volte option not available even after volte update- Volte option only appears for Volte enabled sim such as Jio.

10.    Battery Draining issues- In this condition, the users will restart phones once in a day. Then clear the cache using Clean master. Use only that feature of clean master and all others such as lock screen, charing and other features they should be disabled. Charge the phone when it drops to 10% and stops either at 90% or 100%. Turn off WLAN and Bluetooth scanning. Forbid auto start of apps that the users do not use.


If the users want to know some kind of information about the Lenovo mobiles. Then they will contact to Lenovo Support Number and to visit this site: https://lenovosupport.org/lenovo-mobile-customer-service/

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