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So, what should be the next step?

Searching for a reliable source, A digressive support number source might be a spammer source whose primary aim to extort money from customers. If you have been consistently asked to pay then beware, you are wasting your time as well as money.

Choose your niche domain, If you are hovering around website services that provide multiple services then make a judicious choice while filtering your required services. Again, a wrong decision might cause a trouble for you.

Effective Communication, If you have chosen a service then ensure that there must be smooth communication while you correspond through Email or given numbers provided by the service provider.

Promises, never compromise with the services for which you have paid. If your Technical problems do not get solved within stipulated time then an instant decision is not a solution because everyone deserves a second chance. But If this happens continuously then moving on is the best option that one should go for.

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