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August 11 2017


iPhone And Its Support

iPhone support is here to help. Let us help you with your problems and issues which are related to iPhone. We provide you the best and simple solutions.


About iPhone

iPhone is a product of Apple Inc. the recent products that iPhone launched it is iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with the iOS 10 mobile operating system. iPhone delivers the quality in every product that they released in the market. iPhone has its own operating system and the everything that you find in iPhone is manufactured by the Apple company. The iPhone is used all around the world because of the quality that it delivers in their products. For more details and support contact us at iPhone Contact Number.

iPhone support

The support is very important to maintain the trust of users in the market because there are common problems which arise to most of the users who are using iPhone so here we will discuss some of the issues which are common and if you don’t get your solution here then you can contact us at iPhone SupportNumber or you can email your queries at our support site.

The major issue in iPhone.

How to put your iPhone into recovery mode?

As iPhone 7  has a capacitive force touch home button so recovery mode function has moved to the volume down button

1 Press and hold down the volume down button on the right side in (iPhone 6 or later) or top in (all other iPhones) for 3 seconds.

Swipe the slide to power off confirmation slider to the right.

Press down and hold home button on your iPhone

Plug your iPhone to your system which has Windows or MacOS operating system on your pc

Now release the home button when you see you are connected to the iTunes.

iTunes displays an alert in your screen that iPhone is detected in recovery mode and then you can restore your data on your device.

For more details, you can contact us at iPhone care Number.



Supports that iPhone deliver.

Support for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:

Support for iPhone 6 series:

Support for iPhone 5 series:

Support for iPhone before 5 series:

Support related to above products you can contact us at iPhone tech support.


About Us

We are the unofficial team of iPhone support which provides guidance related to user queries and problems. We deal with the iPhone products and services that iPhone provides. We have our Expert team for your support our team is happy to help you so ask your queries here or contact at iPhone Support Number. Or you can just visit our official site  https://iphonesupport.net/solve-common-iphone-errors/

August 01 2017



Outlook accounts are widely used for business as well as personal use. Outlook provides best services to their users and add many new features to make interest of their users.

About outlook:

1. Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Play Well Together:

If your e-mail server runs Microsoft Exchange, Outlook is a no-brainer. They go together like bacon and eggs, toast and coffee, peaches and cream. Users need to know absolutely nothing to connect. The user enters their e-mail address, and it and Exchange commune. IT involvement has advanced feature that helps to switch system easily.

2. Outlook Plays Well With Active Directory:

Active Directory's authentication add the new feature that extends to Exchange accounts. That means that a user can simply log on to a computer, start Outlook, and her Active Directory credentials are passed to the Exchange server-no typing but separate login required.

In fact, since the e-mail address is stored in Active Directory, a user need not even enter that information if authenticating through AD.

3. Many devices integrate Devices and Applications:

If you're possessed by any sort of PDA or smartphone, then there is an option to sync with your outlook account. No need to share their personal information.

In fact, it's not easy to find a desktop tool that doesn't talk to Outlook Support process. You can find many of little add-ins that help to extend Outlook even farther-check out Office Addins.com (example).


4. Outlook Makes it Easy to Organize Your Assets:

Most email clients want to sort their email account, but Outlook 2007 (in conjunction with Exchange 2007) really raises the bar. Sure, you can sort your messages into folders or forward them according to your way. Many more option to send different automatic Out of Office messages to many internal or external messages and if you need to follow up on a message, there are many colors that can be tied to reminders if you need a friendly tag.

5. Outlook Plays Nicely With SharePoint:

Microsoft's SharePoint is a collaborative platform that provide many tools for building and managing your websites, intranets, and workspaces. But people know that many users have neither the time nor the mental bandwidth to log on to yet another server to check forum discussions or to examine shared documents.

Visit https://outlooktechsupport.org/outlook-business-support/ for more information about the outlook and resolve your query.


The problems and fixes of Lenovo Mobiles

Lenovo is an international technology company which is founded in 1984. It obtained IBM’s  PC business. Lenovo entered the Windows and Android Tablet market in 2011. Lenovo began to start selling android smartphones in 2012. It obtained Motorola Mobility from the google in 2014.

Lenovo makes many commercial products but the mobile or Laptops are the best products of Lenovo. Lenovo launched the various Android versions with Lenovo Mobiles.

In this article, I want to tell about the problems of Lenovo Mobiles and their fixes. In this condition, they will follow these steps after that the problem will solve. 

Problems of Lenovo Mobiles- These are the following problems and fixes of Lenovo mobiles which are facing the Lenovo users many times.

1.    Smaller caller image- In this condition, the users will go to the dialer . Then they will tap on three dots. After that, they will go to call settings then click Full-screen caller photo.

2.    Theme centre detected as harmful-  Disable the app then go to settings/apps/tap on three dots/ show system/ search for theme centre/disable. Then the user should enable this option to change the wallpaper.

3.    Network Drop on both sims for Jio users- Disable Volte and use Jio 4G voice app.

4.    Taking too long to charge- When the users will face this type of problem. In this condition, they will change their data cables.

5.    Cannot change wallpaper- Enable theme centre: Go to settings/apps/tap on three dots/show system/ search for theme centre/ enable.

6.    Wifi Consuming more battery even when it is turned off?- Go to settings/Location/ tap on the three dots/ scanning/ Turn off WLAN and after that, the Bluetooth will be scanning.

7.    HD calling notification- Disable volte; Go to settings/more or data/Disable enhanced LTE calling.

8.    No photos selected message is coming on the lock screen while charging- Go to settings/Display/Daydream Off.

9.    Volte option not available even after volte update- Volte option only appears for Volte enabled sim such as Jio.

10.    Battery Draining issues- In this condition, the users will restart phones once in a day. Then clear the cache using Clean master. Use only that feature of clean master and all others such as lock screen, charing and other features they should be disabled. Charge the phone when it drops to 10% and stops either at 90% or 100%. Turn off WLAN and Bluetooth scanning. Forbid auto start of apps that the users do not use.


If the users want to know some kind of information about the Lenovo mobiles. Then they will contact to Lenovo Support Number and to visit this site: https://lenovosupport.org/lenovo-mobile-customer-service/

July 10 2017


In spite of one of the mightiest devices, it is also inclined to dysfunction. A care at the advent of glitches might result in saving your money and Time too. Searching a website that offers Mac support numbers is also a burden on time.


So, what should be the next step?

Searching for a reliable source, A digressive support number source might be a spammer source whose primary aim to extort money from customers. If you have been consistently asked to pay then beware, you are wasting your time as well as money.

Choose your niche domain, If you are hovering around website services that provide multiple services then make a judicious choice while filtering your required services. Again, a wrong decision might cause a trouble for you.

Effective Communication, If you have chosen a service then ensure that there must be smooth communication while you correspond through Email or given numbers provided by the service provider.

Promises, never compromise with the services for which you have paid. If your Technical problems do not get solved within stipulated time then an instant decision is not a solution because everyone deserves a second chance. But If this happens continuously then moving on is the best option that one should go for.

There might a big deal for some Apple users to find a reliable service provider as there are plenty of Service providers around the world when you search on a search engine. Then a question arises, How to make a judicious choice?

The answer is very simple, First, you have to check if the results, according to the typed query, have numbers on their titles then proceed. If you find Numbers on titles then do not click on that, those are spamming websites and would pulverize your pocket. If you are seriously concerned with numbers then http://appletechsupportnumber.net/apple-support/ is the right platform for you and your queries.

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